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TraumEZ Harmonizer

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TraumEZ Harmonizer

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The purpose of the TraumEZ is to promote a harmonious lifestyle through possibilities and applications, as well as devices enabling a harmonious lifestyle in the physical and mental areas.

Traumas are unresolved conflicts, possibly also daily annoyances (even small things), which at some point make themselves felt as physical, emotional, or mental discomfort and which can make us feel unwell sooner or later.

By becoming a TraumEZ member, you get access to ways of transforming the influences that negatively affect our well-being and life into positive life energy.

Trauma Harmonization

Trauma affects our daily life. Whether it’s one from our childhood or recent trauma. Find the traumas that keep you from your maximum potential and harmonize them.

Harmonize Rays and Toxins

Radiation and toxins cover our whole life and our environment. Convert the negative influences into positive life energy and become more vital.

Water and Food

Water and food give us energy for the entire day. Use the TraumEZ to harmonize everything you eat and wake up the primal energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a unique mechanism that can charge your phone with energy that is specifically designed to help release trauma. The process involves multiple steps, which are clearly outlined on our website. Once your phone is charged and you follow the steps, you can release and transform trauma in an exceptional way. The instructions are available on the website while you use your phone.

TraumEZ works globally.

Yes, TraumEZ is designed to operate worldwide, ensuring everyone, everywhere has access to its features.

You will need your phone. In 15-30 min after subscription, we will send you the energy that is specifically designed to help release trauma.

First of all, you’ll be able to recognize and identify some of the traumas and getting contact with the traumas that you have. Because if you want to release trauma, you will first think about the traumas you actually have or may have.

TraumEZ can help you confront and overcome different traumas in a quick and effective manner. This can lead to the release of many traumas in a short amount of time, thereby enabling you to not only release the trauma energetically but also on all levels of your being, including the physical. By transforming the stuck energy into positive life force energy, TraumEZ can help you move on from the trauma and restore balance to your life.

While technically possible, it’s important to emphasize that the active participation of the individual is crucial. Trauma healing requires personal engagement, especially for someone dealing with trauma, who must be willing to engage in a multi-step process for effective healing.

TraumEZ offers an innovative and alternative approach to traditional methods. However, success with TraumEZ still depends on the commitment and involvement of the person experiencing the trauma. It’s not a passive solution but a tool that supports active emotional work.

Based on numerous tests and feedback from hundreds of individuals in Europe who have successfully used the TraumEZ to release multiple traumas, already after five to ten minutes a trauma can be released. As a result, you can experience an immediate difference in how you feel. The process is multi-step, and people have reported feeling lighter, happier, more connected with themselves, their hearts fuller, less scared, and less tense. These are just a few of the benefits that people have reported.

Here’s how TraumEZ Works:


Begin by subscribing to TraumEZ. 

Wait & Receive

In just a span of 15-30 minutes post-subscription, our groundbreaking technology channels specialized energy directly to your phone. That’s right – the device you use daily can now become a channel for healing.

Guided Process

Head over to a detailed step-by-step guide on our website. Follow these instructions diligently, and you’ll soon set forth on an incredible journey of self-discovery and trauma release.



One Person



Up to Five People


*One-time set up fee of $35 applies

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

We are convinced of the TraumEZ and believe in its positive effects on the human body and mind. That is why we are happy to offer you a guarantee of satisfaction. If you are not convinced within 30 days, you will receive a full refund of your membership fee upon cancellation. However, you can cancel your membership at any time.