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What is trauma?

Traumas can be unresolved old conflicts or daily struggles (even small things), which often lead to physical, emotional, or mental pain and severe illness in the long run.

Trauma generally means injury. In the psychological sense, trauma is an emotional shock (in the soul, mind, and body) that lasts for a long time and is often experienced unconsciously. Physical trauma is usually noticeable, and the patients often know where the pain comes from. 

Traumas are stored as information in the body and mind and can influence our behavioral and, therefore, entire lives. 

The traumatic situations might have occurred in this or a past life, and are often repressed. Many of us struggle to let go of this old and deep pain.

Possible Causes of Traumas

Childhood, everything negative that happened to you in your childhood.

Fear: in and around relationships, illnesses, accidents, the future, exams, worry about children and family.

Negative Strong Emotions: anger, stress, loss, guilt

Compulsions and addictions: direct and indirect

What is unconscious trauma?

“ALL curses and negative extraneous determinations over ALL lives”, e.g., ongoing/recurring family disputes, often over many generations.

“Transmitted and Inherited Traumas of our Ancestors”, e.g., many generations had money troubles; many grandparents died of heart attacks; many ancestors had fears and worries. All this information is passed on to us like DNA, and thus, even without us knowing about this information, it also affects our lives.

“Our Procreation” (what did our parents feel at that moment), e.g., only one parent or neither wanted a child; rape; fears, etc.

“The Pregnancy” (negative feelings transmitted in the womb), e.g., my mother’s fears/worries during pregnancy, etc.

“Trauma of Birth”, e.g., Complications during birth, decisions made by doctors or midwives, cesarean, etc.Gray area: repressed and unconscious trauma, e.g., trauma from childhood that led to fears that are still hard to place as an adult.